Some History & Restoration Works 

Right up until the mid 70’s. there were as many as 3,000 Dghajsa’s plying their trade around these shores. Today only a few remain ( approx 2 dozen).

We at A & S Water Taxis, are now & have been, for the past THREE YEARS, trying our hardest to save this DYING TRADITION, by restoring as many of these amazing boats as we can.

A percentage of funds from each ticket bought from our TICKETING/INFORMATION OFFICE (on Vittoriosa Water Front), goes towards materials needed for these Dghajsas.

 Name of Dghajsa: "St. Angelo" a brief history.restorations

This boat was originally built between 1950-52. This Dghajsa was commissioned for use with the Royal Navy and was specifically to ferry the then Princess Elizabeth (now queen) of England, from her Navy vessel to Fort St. Angelo (then the British Navy headquarters for the Mediterranean)

This boat was found rotting away in a garage. It had been there for approx. 32 years.

It was then bought and completly restored by A & S Water Taxis, and relaunched in November 2004, just in time for the changing over of captains of HMS Campletown. This Dghajsa was used for that ceremony. It has now been ferying tourists around the Grand Harbour since its relaunch.


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